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Sundays are bastards aren't they? They are the buzzkill of the weekend. They are the post-con blues you get following a great Saturday. Whatever your mood is or has been, you can guarantee that waking up on a Sunday will considerably lower your mood. Sunday is the day that all the negative thoughts come out to play. Today I am beset by hatred, disappointment, inadequacy, isolation and the feeling that no one wants anything to do with me.

As a kid, Sunday was always homework day for me. Sure, I should have done it all on Friday as soon as I came home from school and have a whole free weekend ahead of me but nooo I saved it all up until Sunday, thus making the whole day suck. If I was visiting my grandparents, it meant having to get up early and attend a dull church service in dress up clothes. In grownup times the misery of homework has been replaced by work-work and even though I don't really have that any more it doesn't detract from the fact that Sundays suck and today makes me feel miserable.

I think of the foibles of modern life and all the things that annoy me about modern culture and the feeling that the world has got shallower as it's got smaller. The amount of slacktivism and online outrage at the smallest perceived flaw in the things people say or do is just so tiring. It's impossible to like anything. If you say you've seen a film or heard a song then you're more likely to get comments from people who didn't like than those who did. Your joy in things is eroded by these simple things and it's hard to find enthusiasm, let alone share it with anyone. It feels like it's not worth caring anymore.

Morrissey didn't like Sundays either. He wrote quite a depressing song about it. However despite the lyrical content, damn if that boy doesn't know how to write a catchy song.



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Sep. 7th, 2015 11:37 am (UTC)
Earlier this year they announced the possibility of changing the trading hours on a Sunday so shops would be open longer. I'm for this, not because I want extra time to mooch around the shops so much as hanging on to the hope that it would infuse Sunday with more of the promise of Saturday.
Of course it wouldn't, but I think it is worth a try
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